Living in a dynamic and diverse society demands an ability to be able to engage in different ways. Research consistently shows minorities feel excluded even in spaces that strive for equality. Many individuals and organisations are committed towards creating fully inclusive spaces where everyone can feel a sense of inclusion and belonging; however knowing how to approach this with sensitivity, without getting it wrong, and being mindful of using appropriate language, can feel overwhelming. This is where I can help. I will work with you to understand the needs and ambitions of your team and organisation to ensure my training is targeted to engage learners and effect real change and impact.

Training for the sake of training achieves no meaningful change at an individual or organisational level and can be frustrating for all parties. I work with you to bring everyone on board by making my training relevant to all. My approach of working has been recognised with the national Ethnic Minority Welsh Woman Achievement Award (2021) for Management and Leadership.

I offer a range of tailor made training courses across equality, diversity, inclusion, and wellbeing issues. These can be delivered online or in house (Government and safety precautions permitting). I work with every client to create a bespoke workshop that meets the needs of your team. I can accommodate everything from one-hour introductions to half and full day workshops. If you feel your organisation would benefit from hiring me to work with your staff on a longer term basis to consult on your institutional practices and policies to develop cultural competency this is a service I also offer.

My workshops are informed by real life evidence drawn from across multiple sectors. This allows me to ensure the content is always evidence based and relevant to the aspirations and ambitions of each client.

If you want to find out more about any of the sessions please be in touch. My introductory workshops are designed to be a taster and fit in with the busiest schedules. All these sessions can be increased to suit your team’s needs. We can work together to create a programme that works for you.

If you have a training need you don’t see above, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.

Additional workplace support

I also offer psychological and cultural expertise for mediation and conflict resolution in staff disputes where you may have reached an impasse. Bringing in an external expert can help de-escalate situations, and support all parties in having their positions heard.

One of my key areas of specialism is in working with and advising on managing race and racism in the workplace. One issue that is often raised is that counselling services offered by employers are not culturally relevant, or that counsellors do not have a lived experience of understanding the impact of everyday racism. I am happy to discuss confidential counselling referrals for staff with experiences of workplace stress and/or racism.

I also run creative and therapeutic groups to facilitate group cohesion and team building.