Media and Public Engagement

The breadth of my work and expertise arms me with a unique skill and knowledge base that are often called on to offer expert opinion. Whether that is delivering invited talks and keynotes to public festivals and conferences or engaging with print, TV, or radio programmes.

In the News

On ITV News talking about how technology has changed our behaviours since the lockdown; On RTTV UK News talking about the increase in mental illness rates during the pandemic; On BBC Radio Media Channel discussing vicarious grief at the death of Prince Phillip

Working From Home

I was invited onto the Business Programme on Chinese Global Television Network to talk about burnout from working from home and what a return to work might look like

Lockdown News

Being interviewed on BBC Breakfast about how life might look emerging from Lockdown, and on Sky News about Love in Lockdown

Working from home

On BBC Morning Live talking about working from home. Almost a year in to lockdown, the strategies we had built in to delineate our work and life spaces are beginning to falter. This blurs the division between work and home. Revisit your strategies – set a routine, a clear work space, make time for movement, and stay connected. This will help you stay well.

Fake News

Talking to Sabrina Grant on BBC Morning Live about what we can do when we receive fake news and conspiracy theories from friends and family

Staying connected in Lockdown

I spoke to the wonderful Dame Esther Rantzen about staying connected in Lockdown for BBC Morning Live. We discussed her fabulous charity work and the difficulties in engaging people who are alone. People often feel they will be a burden or others will be too busy for them. This is never the case. Every means of connection has value – phone, text, video calls, letters, cards, whatever makes you feel comfortable. You can catch the episode on the link below for as long as it is active.

Talking to Dame Esther Rantzen about the importance of communication and staying connected for our mental health and wellbeing

Mental Health and Wellbeing

I was invited on to the BBC1 daytime TV programme Morning Live to film a segment on ways of coping with anxiety. The programme was aired on Tuesday 27th October. Here is the iplayer link to it

Filming in Bristol with Olu, Shannon, and Aimmee who were all so generous in sharing their experiences of living with anxiety, and with the show’s co-host Gethin Jones

Face Masks

Being interviewed for BBC Breakfast and BBC National News

See a short clip of me talking about face masks on BBC Breakfast here:

Listen to me on this podcast:
Andrew Pierce talks to behaviour expert Dr Nilufar Ahmed about whether Boris’s new £3,200 fines for repeated refusal to wear a mask will actually have any effect.

Further News Appearances

I am often invited to contribute to the News to bring a psychological perspective to current issues.

On the BBC Victoria Derbyshire News Show, BBC Breakfast and ITV News talking about the introduction of mandatory facemasks
At the Cheletenham Science Festival talking about Britishness, and being interviewed by the BBC about migration and the upcoming election, and, about Muslims and counter terrorism strategies


I regularly contribute to radio on a number of topical issues from a psychological perspective. I have been a guest on a number of documentaries and national and regional news programmes including: BBC Radio 4, BBC World, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Bristol, BBC Radio Somerset, BBC Radio Kent, BBC Radio 5 Live, Times Radio.

Print Media

Scroll through the slideshow below for a selection of my contributions to print media.