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Dr. Nilufar Ahmed

Academic – Psychologist – Psychotherapist – Behavioural Expert – Diversity Trainer

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Partnering up with WOW films to deliver my Kantha stitch workshop

Delivering my Kantha stitch workshop for the WOW Film Festival and International Women’s day 2020 This workshop was  specially designed to be delivered alongside the WOW Film Festival opening film “Made in Bangladesh” and to celebrate International Women’s Day. As well as teaching participants the technique and history of kantha stitch It also included the […]

ESRC Social Science Festival 2019

ESRC Social Science Festival 2019 You, me, and us: Our shared community This one day extravaganza was organised as part of the ESRC Social Science festival. It brought together diverse elements of the Swansea Community to showcase the many wonderful people and talents that make up our friends, neighbours, and local community. Community is taken […]

ESRC Social Science Festival 2018

ESRC Social Science Festival 2018 Remaking Home This one day event was packed events throughout the day. There were wonderful workshops for children and adults alike, as we explored the meaning of home. A giant world map was on the wall for people to trace their journeys to Swansea, some were straightforward, others were convoluted. […]